Employee Resource Group

What is an ERG?

Employee Resource Group

  • Voluntary

  • Employee-led

  • Shared characteristic, interest or life experience

  • Open to all Faculty and Staff

  • Social and professional networking

  • Retention and recruiting of employees

Why a Veterans ERG at UND?

God, Country, Notre Dame

Norte Dame's history of supporting the military

What activities can the Veterans ERG be involved in?

  • Social and professional networking

    • Happy hours

    • Lunch and Learns

    • Speakers

    • Host job candidates (tour/lunch)

    • Mentoring

  • Voice for Faculty/Staff with Administration

    • Elevate specific concerns of Veterans

    • Promote awareness of Veterans on campus

    • Aid in recruiting
  • Community Involvement

    • Visiting Veterans homeless shelter

    • Visiting/assisting elderly Veterans

    • Participate in local Veteran events as a group

    • Work with OMVA to fill community/campus needs

      • Veteran tour of campus

  • ERG Planning Meetings

    • Plan socials/volunteer opportunities

    • Communications to members

    • Coordinate with other ERGs